Thinking of your clients and your safety before its needed!

Heritage Fire & Security

A cutting edge and reliable fire safety service company that will provide managed fire protection services across North America and beyond.  Founded in 2018 – This company is comprised of experts in the field of providing fire protection related equipment inspections and maintenance as well as security system monitoring and installations. Its leadership with a combined 50 plus years of service and national expertise is at your fingertips.

What does Heritage Fire & Security do?

We assemble a preventive maintenance schedule to keep all of your locations free of violations and unexpected fire department visits. Timely repairs and maintenance prevent issues at the job site. Also we provide training material so that your staff can understand the importance of fire and security safety. Training is so important in today’s times. How to prepare and evacuate quickly and quietly is becoming a necessity in today’s work place environment. Expert services in compliance with NFPA standards and statues….. Heritage is clearly the right choice to provide services for your business, clients and employees.